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Flowcom S8

The FLOWCOM S8, approved in numerous countries around the world, is installed on more than tow thousand road tankers and stationary applications. It features temperature compensation and optional vapor return compensation for applications with dual hose delivery of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. It comes with a configurable pulse output which allows the flow processor to interface with other devices such as fuel management systems. Its eight binary inputs and outputs allow the flow meter to control valves and pump.

  Various Media
Cryogenic Products (LIN, LOX, LAR), Liquid Carbon- dioxide, Nitrousoxide and Methane.
  Long-Term Stability
Metering section without moving parts, thus no maintenance needed.
  High Accuracy
Due to the maintenance-free metering section without moving parts and the principle of differential pressure measurement, the FLOWCOM's calibrated accuracy shows, in contrast to other measurement principles no negative drift.
Installation set for automatic vapor return compensation (for CO2 and N2O), consisting of ball valves, actuators and pressure transmitter.

Czech Republic
further countries on request


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Flowcom S8, click picture for larger view
Flowcom S8, Flow processor in standard housing, IP65
(click picture to enlarge)

Flowcom S8, click picture for larger view
Flowcom S8, Flow processor in explosion proof housing
(click picture to enlarge)

Components for this system:
Metering Section
Differential Pressure Transmitter
Temperature Sensor
Ticket Printer

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